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Efficiency First® Performance IndexOur vision is to create a telecom management ecosystem where over 80% of all end user telecom environments around the globe are operating at 90% or greater efficiency as measured by the Efficiency First® Performance Index, are supported by Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors, and are viewed by management as strategic assets that are used to drive business results.

AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution status is achieved by vendors that complete a certification program that includes collecting performance data from the vendor and most importantly, their client base. The Efficiency First® Telecom Vendor Certified Solution Directory lists all pending and certified vendors.

AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors possess solution capabilities aligned with the Efficiency First® Framework and are likely to positively impact the efficiency of an enterprise’s fixed and mobile environment and their adoption of the Framework.

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Efficiency First®
CompanyCategorySubcategoryBusiness FocusCertified CapabilitiesSolution Certified Through
CertifiedMetTelCarriersCarriers/OperatorsUnified Communications; Carrier Network Servicesdownload_pdf_transparent2/25/16
CertifiedGraniteCarriersCarriers/OperatorsPOTS/DSL Aggregation; Structured Cablingdownload_pdf_transparent2/29/16
CertifiedMOBIServicesMobility ManagementManaged Mobility Servicesdownload_pdf_transparent9/9/16
CertifiedTeleManagement Technologies (TTI)SoftwareTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; TEM/WMM Software Licensing; Call Accountingdownload_pdf_transparent11/14/16
CertifiedCBI Telecommunications ConsultantsServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; Audit Services; Sourcing, Procurement and Negotiationsdownload_pdf_transparent11/23/16
CertifiedComviewServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; Call Accountingdownload_pdf_transparent12/31/16
CertifiedICOMMServicesTelecom Expense ManagementHelp Desk and Provisioning; Sourcing, Procurement and Negotiationsdownload_pdf_transparent1/8/17
CertifiedNetwork ControlServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; Help Desk and Provisioning; Sourcing, Procurement and Negotiations
Certified4TelecomHelpServicesTelecom Expense ManagementHelp Desk and Provisioning; Invoice Paymentdownload_pdf_transparent1/18/17
CertifiedTeligisticsServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; Sourcing, Procurement and Negotiationsdownload_pdf_transparent3/4/17
Pending RecertificationG Squared WirelessServicesMobility ManagementMobility Help Desk; Provisioningdownload_pdf_transparent10/4/17
CertifiedMDSLServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; TEM/WMM Software Licensingdownload_pdf_transparentPending Recertification
PendingGlobal CapacityCarrier/OperatorNetworkCarrier Network Services; WANdownload_pdf_transparentPending
PendingAsignetServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTelecom Expense Management; IT / Telecom Process Management; IT / Telecom Asset Management
PendingVodafone Global EnterpriseServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Servicesdownload_pdf_transparentPending
PendingAccentureServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed ServicesPending
PendingAnatoleServicesTelecom Expense ManagementTEM/WMM Managed Services; TEM/WMM Software Licensing; Audit Servicesdownload_pdf_transparentPending
PendingTCT TechnologiesEquipmentIP PBXUnified Communications; Structured Cablingdownload_pdf_transparentPending

AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution Program

The Program consists of diagnostic and scoring elements in which the vendor’s solution capabilities are evaluated for alignment with AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments. Solution capabilities are then analyzed and scored against a standardized Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification scoring scale, using performance data collected from the vendor and client performance ratings collected directly from the vendor’s clients. Learn more about becoming an Efficiency First® Certified Solution Vendor.


How Efficiency First® Certified Vendors are Making an Impact

  • “The ROI we’ve received on our Efficiency First® Certification is easily six times the investment.” – TEM Solution Provider
  • World’s seventh largest BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) asks AOTMP to validate that their telecom management business processes are aligned to the Efficiency First® Framework.
  • Global Services division of the second largest mobile carrier in the world asks AOTMP to provide a gap analysis against the Efficiency First® Framework and make recommendations on how to efficiently close gaps to better serve their largest clients around the globe.
  • “Being certified by AOTMP as an Efficiency First® Solution provider and receiving AOTMP’s support and guidance have certainly contributed to our recent successes, which include being awarded a huge contract with a major global manufacturer. Thanks, AOTMP for all your assistance.”
  • Large global manufacturing company in 25 countries with $30 million in telecom spend begins the Efficiency First® Program journey and realizes the value of Efficiency First® Certified vendors.
  • Large pharmaceutical company recognizes the business value of certified vendors and selects an Efficiency First® Certified vendor for their telecom environment.
  • International auto manufacturer uses Efficiency First® Certification credentials as a differentiator in their final selection between two vendors.
  • A Certified Vendor is awarded a million dollar+ deal in large part due to the vetting process of the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program. The client, a biopharmaceutical company, stated that they respected the discipline and rigor of the Efficiency First® Process.
  • “So in the future, we need to start including Efficiency First® Solution Certified as one of the requirements in our RFPs?” – A manufacturing company leader asks AOTMP.
  • 300-person CPA firm selects an Efficiency First® Certified vendor to provide TEM services to their cost optimization clients.
  • A major carrier uses Efficiency First® Certification credentials as a statement of quality, excellence and commitment to their customers, shareholders and partners.
  • Large global company with nearly $500 million in telecom spend asks their vendor to be Efficiency First® Solution Certified.
  • “The fact that the performance of Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors has been vetted by AOTMP says a lot” – large US retail organization with 2,500+ locations.
  • Certified vendor selects another Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendor as a partner to compliment and scale their solution.
  • Global 100 company selects Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendor for their global telecom management needs.
  • Northeast Regional Banking Group selects Efficiency First® Certified Vendor for their telecom expense management needs.

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